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General disclaimer: is an online platform for Canadian rental properties. Here renters such as property owners, property managers and real estate agents etc. advertise properties that they wish to rent or lease out to the public. Properties advertised here are solely based on the trust between the management of and advertiser and are not necessarily verified by the management. Advertisers can update information of their property at any time. On a regular basis we randomly pick some properties and check the information however, it is practically impossible to check and validate every bit of the information posted on the advertisement. We advise you to take proper precautions before signing any contract with the advertiser. management is not responsible for any loss you incurred due to the incorrect information posted by the advertiser. We recommend you to keep a print copy of this advertisement until you are satisfied and/or under contract.
Please inform us any incorrect or fake property information posted by the advertiser. Report to us the Property number (Prop#) and further details by email at as early as possible. Also, you can post review on the property for others to see.


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